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Explore our exclusive loan offers for both Malaysians and foreigners employed in Singapore. We extend a warm invitation to everyone to seize these deals today.

We offer loans up to RM 500,000, with loan tenures up to 36 months.

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Here’s How You Can Stand To Benefit From Intime Advance’s Personal Loans

Affordable Loan Repayment Terms
When you take up a loan, you want to be able to repay it. We’re a trustworthy money lender with your best interests in mind. Fret not as we’ll help you with customisable instalments.

Larger Loan Approvals
Banks in Malaysia may blacklist you if you have financial problems. However, we will not turn you away because of your bad credit. We believe that as you get access to bigger revenues, your financial problems will naturally be well taken care of.

Lower Interest Rates 
At Intime Advance, we strive to keep our rates as affordable as possible. This is why we offer interest rates from as low as 1% per month. Apply now to find out if you qualify!

Flexible Repayment Schemes
Our repayment timeline is generous so that we can keep our interest rates even lower. The usual instalment repayment timeline is 18 months. However, we offer personal loans with repayment periods of up to 36 months.

We’ll Work Together With You To Achieve Your Goals.

We understand how difficult it is when financial emergencies hit. We also acknowledge that not everyone has enough savings to deal with unforeseen issues.

In Malaysia, banks look at your financial history and may turn you away. Conversely, we won’t reject you simply because of your financial history. We’ll analyze your application and provide you with the best loan package to suit your needs.

You can count on us to help you find the best loan for your needs. Apply with us to deal with your problems effectively and meet your financial goals now.

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Variety Of Personal Loans

What Can Intime Advance’s Variety Of Personal Loans Help You With?

Life is filled with unforeseen events and not everyone is financially equipped to deal with them. Some people reinvest all their savings into building a better life for them and their families. Other people may not be able to generate any savings at all.

That’s why there are moments when you will need financial assistance. In these moments, you should choose a money lender you can trust.

You can come to us if you’re young and want to buy a home for your family. We understand young people lack the necessary funding, but we’re confident you will do your best to honour your loan.

You can come to us when your home needs a renovation. As you welcome new people into your family, your house needs to change too.

We understand that, unfortunately, medical emergencies can strike anytime, anywhere. Even if you have a poor financial history, we believe that you deserve access to proper medical care.

What Our Borrowers Say About Us

Intime Advance Review Aug 2022

Zein T


A few years ago, I took up a loan to buy a house for my family. Unfortunately, my employer couldn’t pay me this month because of low profits. Luckily, I got in touch with Intime Advance and they helped me with an emergency loan, which is very easy to repay. Thank you!

Intime Advance Review June 2022

Osmar P


I needed some emergency funds for wisdom tooth surgery. I thought I’ll be in pain forever because my credit score is not that good. But the people at Intime Advance helped me find a really affordable loan.

Intime Advance Review Mar 2022

Amin C


I already have a few loans and I wasn’t managing with the payments. I thought my credit score was going to be ruined, but Intime Advance helped me refinance those loans. Now, I have a lower rate and more flexibility!

Need Quick & Flexible Financial Help? Here’s What We Offer

Personal Loans

Here at Intime Advance, we focus on finding tailored solutions that work for you. We understand that everyone has different needs and backgrounds. That’s why we will customize our money lending package depending on what you need.

With our financial support, you can address issues such as education fees, house purchases, renovation, and more.

Our expert financial consultants take all applications into account. They will use their expertise to offer you top financial solutions and customizable repayment schemes.

Refinancing Loans

If you have a property loan and want better terms regarding your repayment scheme, a refinancing loan will come in handy. We can help you get more cash so that it’s easier for you to repay your loan,  with our customised financing solutions.

If your property price has increased or you have reimbursed some of your debt, we will help you get an excess cash payout. Therefore, you can put your house as collateral to benefit from emergency cash.

Refinancing loans are very accessible and we will assist you to get one quickly. 

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation plans will amass all your loans, including credit and personal loans into a single repayment plan. This will help you better manage your debt so that you can avoid paying off multiple loans at the same time.

Instead of taking care of various accounts, you will only have to deal with one. 

Outstanding debts lead to exponentially increased repayment rates. Avoid getting into a situation where you can’t repay your loans. Apply with us to get back in charge of your financial situation.

Urgent Loans

When an emergency strikes, time is of essence. If you don’t have enough money saved, you need trustworthy and quick funding solutions.

Our urgent loans will give you the cash you need now to weather your difficulties. We cut back on bureaucracy as much as possible so that you can solve all your problems.

We have streamlined our loan application process to provide you with the best interest rates and flexible loan tenures so that you can focus on the emergency at hand. 

5 Reasons to Apply for a Personal Loan

People take out personal loans for different reasons. Some people avoid getting into debt unless it’s strictly necessary, while others don’t shy away from loans they know they can repay. 

Regardless of the category you’re in, you need to choose a trustworthy money lender. With the rise in loan scams emerging from unlicensed moneylenders, it pays to deal with a trustworthy and licensed money lender. 

So, if you’re like most Malaysians, you may be interested in:

5 Reasons to take Personal Loans-1

Car Purchases

Getting a new car is not cheap. Besides, you have to take into account insurance premiums, green taxes, and more. We can help you get an affordable and quality car, with flexible interest rates.

House Purchase / Renovations

A lot of people do not have the necessary savings for buying a home. That’s why they usually commit to house purchase loans to get the intimacy they need. You can also apply with us, whether you need to buy a house or renovate it to make it safe and pleasant.

5 Reasons to take Personal Loans-3

Wedding Expenses

As a once in a lifetime affair, we believe that you deserve the wedding of your dreams, as well as the marriage of your dreams.

This is why we offer specially customize wedding loans with offer low-interest rates. We ensure that your wedding finances are well taken care of, from start to end.

Travelling Expenses

Once in awhile, we might have the desire to travel. However, we might need more money to travel to some countries compared to others.

Instead of eating into most of your savings, choose our customizable loans and you can travel safely, without additional pressure from extra instalment rates.

5 Reasons to take Personal Loans-5

Education Expenses

More people are coming to us because they want to further their education. If you want to get a better job, you can take out an education loan any time. We will help you with the money you need so that you can be happier, earn more money, and become a more productive citizen.

How Do I Improve My Loan Approval Chances?

It’s simple to secure a quick and convenient loan in just a few easy steps!

1. Check your credit report from the Credit Bureau of Malaysia

Find out how your credit score is. If it’s less than ideal, you can improve your credit score. Otherwise, we can always tailor a suitable solution with our expert financial consultants.

2. Find and clear the errors

Sometimes, a financing company or utility provider can make false claims against you that lead to bad credit scores. You may not even be aware of that. If that’s the case, take legal action to improve your score.

3. Repay what you can

If you have outstanding payments, make sure to clear them right away. Your credit score shows financing institutions if you are honest about honouring your loans.

4. Improve your credit

Make sure you meet the deadline of your bills and don’t use more than 30% of your credit score. You should also save as much as you can to show that you’re capable of managing your money wisely.

5. Take up a small loan

If you apply for a smaller sum, you’ll have more chances to obtain it and repay it. Besides, once you’ve finished repaying this small sum, your credit score will improve too.

6. Bring a guarantee

If you need cash fast and you have a poor credit score, ask someone to co-sign your loan, or use some of your assets as collaterals.

7. Choose the right loan

Some licensed money lenders in Malaysia offer personal loans specifically customized for people with poor credit scores. For instance, debt consolidation loans can be a good choice.

8. Submit your application to different financial institutions

Increase your approval chances by applying with different agents. For instance, money lenders like us take into account more than just your credit score.

What Should I Consider Before Applying For A Loan With A Licensed Moneylender?

Your Current Financial History

Your current financial history influences your credit score, and, therefore, the chances you have for receiving financial assistance.

Payment history is key because it shows whether you can make payments on time. However, a secured loan that you guarantee with collateral can bump your loan.

Remember that the length of your credit history is also important. In today’s world, people don’t get extra points for being debt-free. In fact, banks like people with longer credit histories more because they can evaluate how responsible their clients are.

You should also take into account your approval rate. If your applications were constantly rejected over the past year, it’s best to wait before applying again.

Interest Rate Value

Make sure the interest rate you get is affordable and convenient. Most money lenders in Malaysia practice interest rates around 3%. Keep in mind that the maximum allowed interest rate is 15% per year.

If you have a poor credit score and you need urgent money, unlicensed money lenders can tempt you with the necessary amount. However, they will also burden you with excessive instalments.

If you want the best interest rate in Malaysia, apply with us. Our interest rates are some of the smallest in the country, going down as low as 1%.

Repayment Period and Flexibility

Negotiate the repayment period and the flexibility of your instalments with your money lender. Sometimes, you may need more time to repay a loan. Remember that it’s in the interest of your money lender to get their money back. That’s why you should ask for customisable repayment schemes. 

At Intime Advance, we personalize our loans entirely from the amount we offer to our loan tenures. We take into account your needs as well as your ability to repay the loan, before making a decision.

We will also work together with you to find the best solution for both you and our company.

The Type of Loan You Need

Choosing the right type of loan is essential to ensure you get the cash you need quickly. For instance, if your home is infested with termites that have ruined your furniture or wiring, you may apply to a home renovation loan.

That said, we at Intime Advance will help you decide the best loan for your needs. If you are unsure of what loan package you require, we will carefully access your situation and personalise a loan just for you.

We won’t simply reject your application without helping you find the best financing solution for your needs.

What Are The Documents Required Before Applying For A Loan?

Before applying to a loan, you will need to have the documents listed in the table below. Remember that we only provide loans to civil and public servants. As such, you will need to be employed in a government department or agency to apply with us.

Necessary paperwork

Proof that you’ve been hired for at least 6 months

We need to know you have a consistent source of money to repay your loans.

Identity Card copy

We need to know you are who you say you are.

3 months’ payslip

We need to know how much money you earn so that we can personalize out loan and interest rates.

3 months’ bank statements

We want to make sure you can honour your debts.

EPF statements

We want to know how much of your salary you can keep, and how much goes into the EPF.

Copy of your utility bills

We need to know you gave us the right address.

Unlike other money lenders in Malaysia, we don’t ask a lot of documents because we don’t believe in bureaucracy. We’re also more lenient regarding your credit scores than other institutions.

However, if you find your application rejected, call us immediately. We will put all our efforts together to find a solution that meets your needs as well as our requirements.