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We offer loans up to 300,000 MYR, with loan tenure up to 36 months.

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Intime Advance is one of the best personal loan providers in Malaysia. We understand that monetary issues can be distressing. Below are some common situations when you might need our help:

I need an emergency loan immediately for my hospitalization bills.

I was involved in a car accident and I don’t have enough savings in my account. I need immediate surgery, hospitalization, as well as physical therapy. I need money ASAP to make sure I get top medical care to get back into shape fast.

I want to buy a house for my family.

My wife and I have been living in a two-room apartment, but now we need a bigger home. We already have a child, and we’re expecting another. Besides, my grandmother is ill and we need to bring her into our home urgently to care for her. Our home needs to have adequate furniture for raising children, as well as for a mobility-challenged elderly person.

I need to further my education.

My employer has informed me that I can no longer keep my job because my position has become redundant. I need to get an IT certificate in web design ASAP to prove I can still be productive in my company. Even if I don’t get to keep my current position, this certificate will help me get a new job at another company.

My wife and I want to adopt a child.

We have been trying to conceive for some time without any success. We now want to adopt a child, but we want a no-worries adoption process because we have been stressed enough lately. We spent all our money on doctors and various IVF procedures until now. We found a family willing to give their child for adoption, but we need money urgently for their lodging, legal fees, and some medical expenses for the child.

I need to make urgent home repairs.

My house has been infested with rats and it has become an unsafe environment. The rats have chewed through the power cables and are currently wreaking havoc through the rest of the house. I have a low-paying job that doesn’t allow me to save too much. I also can’t afford to live in a hotel for too long. I need money immediately to get my home back, but I have a poor credit score.

I want to buy a car.

I have another loan and I’m currently struggling with the payments. I need a better paying job urgently. I found a new position at another company, but it’s too far from my house to walk. My less-than-perfect credit score doesn’t allow me to get a loan from a bank. How can I get the car I need ASAP so that I can improve my standard of living?

It’s Simple To Apply For A Personal Loan With Us!

Step 1:
Submit online application.

Step 2:
Loan approval in 30 minutes.

Step 3:
Money will be transferred to your account.

Things you should know prior to borrowing:

Minimum Period for Repayment: From 2 Months
Maximum Period for Repayment: Up to 36 Months
Interest Rate (Unsecured Loans): 18% per year, 1.5% per month
Interest Rate (Secured Loans): 12% per year, 1.0% per month

** Total Cost Payable exclude administrative fee. Cost stated is an estimation and may vary due to loan amount, period of loan and other fees such as late fee and late interest rate may be charged in the event of violation on terms & conditions.

Intimeadvance-Things you should know

What Our Borrowers Say About Us

Intime Advance Review Aug 2022

Agung C


I finally have my life back on track after a car accident five years ago. I suffered a spinal injury and couldn’t afford my medical bills. Thanks to Intime Advance, I paid for everything. Without their help, I would be in too much pain to work.

Intime Advance Review Jun 2022

Said M


My wife and I wanted a big wedding with all our friends and family. We also wanted to follow the Muslim traditions that connect us to our ancestors. The Intime Advance agent understood that we’re young and without any savings, but still found an affordable loan for us.

Intime Advance Review Apr 2022

Ishak T


I needed help to pay for my father’s funeral. He was barely in his fifties, but he suffered an unexpected stroke. Intime Advance helped take the pressure off his death. Thank you so much for understanding my pain!

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