Top Gyms In KL & How Much They Cost

Did you know that about 80% of people who have a gym membership don’t use it? This statistic reflects two issues. The first is that you’re choosing the wrong gym, aka one that’s too far, or with the wrong equipment. Hence you’re going less to the gym, which demotivated you even more.

Avoid having this happen to you. Going to the gym is a good investment in your health and longevity, but make sure you’re not wasting your money.

In this article you can read all about the top gyms in KL so that you can choose the best one for your needs. That way, you can be sure you’re sticking to your workout routine.

What Type Of Gym Should I Choose?

Did you know that fitness centres aren’t the same as gyms?

  • Gyms are where you can find the usual fitness equipment, such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and weights. You might even attend some Cardio or Pilates classes here, depending on your preferences.
  • Fitness centres are bigger and offer more than just gym equipment and classes. Choose a fitness centre if you want to relax in a sauna after your workout, or go for a swim on your active rest days.

Remember: You will see steady progress, but you won’t get fit after the first week. Give it at least three months to notice obvious results in your body composition and stamina.

With that in mind, let’s see which top gym in KL you’ll choose:

1. KOA Fitness: Best For Women

KOA Fitness

KOA Fitness is addressed to women who want to get healthy, fit, and strong. They offer you affordable memberships, plus a lot of classes to tone, gain more flexibility, and lose body fat.

You’ll also make new friends that will motivate you to reach your fitness goals faster. As such, you’ll build more lean muscle and improve your body shape, while also feeling empowered as a woman:

  • The bodyweight classes help you become stronger and gain more muscle.
  • The cardio will help you burn more calories so that you can lose some weight.
  • The Yoga classes build core strength, improve posture, and flexibility.

Pro tip: If you want to sculpt your arms, lose belly fat, and shape your buttocks, we recommend the SHRED cardio class. The fat-burning workouts in this class will melt your fat away!

Price: RM 525 (15 classes; 6-month validity)

Hours: 7am-9pm (weekdays); 9am-3pm (weekends)

2. Fit Buddy: Best For Motivation

Fit Buddy

Fit Buddy has a unique selling proposition: you can bring a friend to work out for free during their Sunday Funday time. That’s one reason why this gym is called Fit Buddy.

The other reason is that this gym is design so that it can inspire and motivate you. That’s because they have a lot of gym equipment and classes so that you can personalise your workouts. That way, you’ll be more willing to come back for more.

So, you can use the cardio machines by yourself if you prefer some solitude, or join a fun Zumba class for more community support. You can also use the extensive strength gear or take part in a Yoga class.

If you want to get into shape quickly and you’re not really sure what workouts to do, choose a one-on-one training session with a PT.

Price: RM 1050/ 12 months (includes registration fee, membership card, and all-class access)

 Hours: 7am-12am (weekdays and Saturday); 8am-11pm (Sunday)

3. TopSpeed Fitness: Best For Workout Variety


TopSpeed Fitness is the new kid on the block and it’s more expensive than other gyms in KL. So why should you choose this?

TopSpeed Fitness offers an interesting array of classes that you can enroll in with their Diamond membership. Apart from the typical cardio/ flexibility/ strength training options, you can try new workouts such as:

    • LesMills™ offers you a comprehensive routine that targets all your muscles through different workouts. Through strength training, HIIT, cycling, dancing, yoga, and kickboxing, your body will get in top shape fast.
  • Pole dancing is sexy, but it also helps you build strength and flexibility.
  • Qi Gong improves your posture and relieves your strength through breathing and meditation.
  • Muay Thai teaches you how to defend yourself by using the “art of eight limbs”.

These are just a few of the classes you can try, but you’ll find other enticing ones on the TopSpeed Fitness website. Besides, you can use some free-standing cardio and strength equipment, or use their functional training space.

Price: RM 1,033.50 for the Diamond membership

Hours: 6am-12am (weekdays); 7am-11pm (weekends)

4. Fuel Athletics: Best For Crossfit

Fuel Athletics

Fuel Athletics is a gym that will help you grow your strength through strength training, functional training, and cardio. Their workouts are scalable so that you’ll find them challenging whether you’re a newbie or a gym-rat.

Besides, Fuel Athletics is renowned for its supportive community. The people that go here become friends and motivate each other so that everyone can achieve their fitness goals. The PTs are also very supportive and have a lot of expertise.

That’s why you can expect personalised workouts that target your fitness level and fitness needs specifically.

The only disadvantage is their schedule. Fuel Athletics is closed on Sundays, and they have shorter opening hours than other gyms in KL, too.

Price: RM 1,320 (unlimited classes access)

Hours: 6.30am-10pm (Mo-Thy); 6.30am-9.30pm (Fri); 8.30am-12pm (Sat)

5. Babel Fit: Best Luxury Gym For Views And Perks

Babel Fit

Babel Fit is your best choice if you’re motivated by breathtaking views and solid perks:

  • You’ll do your workouts on the Menara Ken TTDI rooftop so that you can enjoy some stunning views
  • You can get discounts up to 30% with some nineteen partner merchants, including Kapow Balls, 8oz Cofee, and Wild Kombucha.

But Babel Fit has more to offer you than discounts and views. This gym provides you with 20+ classes for toning, slimming, strength, and range of motion.

You can choose a different class every day, depending on your muscle soreness, tiredness levels, etc. That means you can personalise your routine to achieve the best results. Besides, some of these classes are unique to this gym, such as their Yoga on water class.

Price: RM 2000 (for the Animal Flow Class)

Hours: 6am-11pm (weekdays); 7am-9pm (weekends)

6. Fort Gyms: Best For Fat Loss And Core Strength

fort gyms

Fort Gyms boasts intense workouts so that you can lose body fat quickly and sport your six-pack at the beach. Their training regimes will melt your body fat, define your muscles, and help you gain overall core strength.

The classes at Fort Gyms are motivating and give you a rush of adrenaline, making you feel increasingly strong as you exercise. The powerful soundtracks combined with the rapid movements really empower you so that you can burn your stress along with those calories.

Top tip: If you want to see better definition in your abs, choose the Forge Core classes.

Price: RM 660 for 20 classes (90-day validity); you can also share your credits with someone else.

Hours: 7am-10pm (weekdays); 7am-4pm (weekends)

7. Epique+ Fitness: Best For Signature Classes

Epique+ Fitness

Epique+ Fitness features unique signature classes that work out your body in an effective way. Another advantage is that these classes also increase your motivation because they’re so different than what you’re used to.

The combination of stunning 360ᵒ views, vibrant music, and motivating PTs will help you achieve the body of your dreams in no time.

You can try a variety of workouts, depending on your preferences. For instance, the E+ Signature Yoga Class mixes strength training into your Yoga routine. You’ll be using weights, sliders, and resistance bands to practice what Epique+ calls “mindful weight training.”

That’s not to say Epique+ doesn’t have traditional Yoga classes because they have plenty of those; YIN, Hatha, Power Flow, Vinyasa are just a few of them. Besides, you can also try dance workouts, use the freestanding cardio and strength equipment, or join a FIGHT class.

Price: RM 330/ month (Extreme 12-month unlimited access)

Hours: 6.30am-10pm (weekdays); 8am-7pm (weekends)

8. Playground Fit: Best For Childhood Games Turned Into Workouts

playground fitness

Playground Fit is a good choice if you’re missing that playful side of your childhood years or if you want to bring your older children. The reason is that your kids can transition into strict workout routines easier as they can connect to their games.

Another reason to choose Playground Fit is their welcoming, friendly atmosphere. This boutique fitness studio creates an intimate working space, and it’s easy to make friends here. However, because Playground Fit is smaller than other gyms, it only has four types of classes available.

All these classes remind you of your school PE so that they’re all fun. Besides, they’re uniquely created to get you stronger and fitter. For instance, you can try the Bee Sting workout that incorporates the principles of martial arts into a fitness routine.

Price: RM 600 (12x Group Training Pass) – RM 6672+6% (12 Week Fast Track Results Intensive)

Hours: 7am-9pm (weekdays); 8am-6pm (weekends)

In Conclusion

We reviewed the best gyms in KL in terms of their benefits to you. Now you know what each gym is best for so that you can get a membership at the gym that’s right for your needs.

Once you choose your membership, remember to stick to your classes. You won’t see major changes in your shape after the first week, but you’ll certainly feel happier and more powerful!

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